Sherlock after getting his wisdom teeth taken out would be a wild ride

seriously though he’d be talking about how smart he is and then start crying when he realized he couldn’t feel his face and then go on a rant about how much he likes John Watson’s hair or something

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sketch commission for marlonbookcase! consulting husbands on the case

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sketch commission for johnlockjitters!

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I made a similiar gory thing (he had a hole where his heart is supposed to be) before long ago but it seems too much like a dark-sherlock and I dislike the drawing now so I went and drew a new and better one <3 Much better now <3

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it doesn’t matter how many “pretend to be dating” fics i read, i’m always fucking in it headfirst every time and i fall for that shit every time. i know the pattern i know the plot twists i know what’s gonna happen but every single fucking time i’m fucking on the edge of my…

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Imagine Sherlock starting to quietly cry out of happiness and disbelief while John kisses him for the first time and John stops and gets very worried and apologizes and asks what’s wrong and if he’s done something wrong but that makes Sherlock even more emotional because John is being so sweet and he can’t believe this and he starts sobbing so bad he can’t express himself coherently anymore

and so John keeps getting more and more puzzled and worried while Sherlock gets more and more emotional and incapable of talking in reaction to it until the situation is basically comical

maybe Hudders walks in and starts laughing at the sight of John confusedly asking what’s wrong and Sherlock sobbing louder and louder everytime he does it while gesticulating and they both look at her and realize and start laughing too

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Just the two of us against the rest of the world

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When John heard water splashing and realized Janine went into Sherlock’s bath.

He actually clenched his jaw.

This is painful and unfair. I never want to have to see John so resigned and sad-eyed and disappointed again.

From incredulity to heartache in two seconds flat, and this is why MF deserves every award there is thrown at him. He’s brilliant.

He really, really is. He’s stunning to rewatch and analyze.

I’m still trying to figure out how all that was going on for a month and Janine hadn’t thought it odd that they weren’t having sex.  I’d be like,”Dude, I sleep in your bed and we take wet, naked baths together. Why you ain’t giving me the D? You’re totally in love with your ex-flatmate, aren’t you?” 

I’m very willing to entertain the possibility that she knew what was up and was playing along to see what Sherlock would do.

Me too.

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imagine when the johnlock kiss happens and everyone will use that as their icon and you can’t tell anyone apart from your dash anymore

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the first night theyre finally able to be together in every way possible, theyre both in such a haste to feel, to touch, to love that john doesnt notice them. but in the morning after, when john wakes up a little bit after sherlock, he hears the shower running and immediately decides to join the detective (his flatmate, his friend, his lover) and its only when hes stepping into the shower, sherlock facing away from him, does he see the mess that is sherlocks back. puckered white and pink lines of flesh, webbed burns and puncture marks, a train wreck of skin that used to be flawless, and john knows as a medical man that a heart cant actually shatter, but the shards covering the inside of his chest seemed to prove otherwise.

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I just love the idea of the police officer who arrested them on the stag night trying to put sherlock and john in different cells but sherlock wrapping himself around john and yelling that he can’t be separated from his blogger so the officer just gives up and throws them in together

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WIP of a balletlock thing I’m doing <3 <3 




i bet they held hands at one point in that fuckin g cell, sherlock fell asleep holding john’s hand pls look




i agree

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John calling Sherlock genius as a pet name is necessary in life.

John nuzzling into Sherlock’s neck murmuring Morning, genius.

John tapping on Sherlock’s temple when he’s lost in thought, saying affectionately Whatcha thinking about, genius? 

John hoovering the flat saying Come on genius, move your feet. 

John whispering in Sherlock’s ear while he’s on top of him, That’s it, genius, come on, let it go. 

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