Consider that a big fat apology for my disappearance. 

swagmom2007: "Hi friend!! Saw u posted a WIP for ballet!lock and I wanted to let u know that u didn't put a watermark on it (idk if u do normally?) but I just didn't want ppl stealing ur artsies :+) also my sis follows ur blog so if u could publish this it would be awesome if she saw it!!! Ok thank u stay warm and hydrated little flower u-u"

OH MY GOD I AM SO SORRY IT TOOK ME SO LONG TO ANSWER YOU!!! Yes, I didn’t put any watermarks on my wip because I just usually don’t.. My drawings aren’t that good for people to want to steal it so idk. laksahlskj

Thank you so much for sending me this message though, it made me so so so so happy! And hi to your sis! 

Wedding rings and intermittent tremors



Thanks to bartimaeu2s for pointing out the way John is rubbing his left hand here. So what might we deduce about this?

Well, the first thought that comes to mind is that it’s John’s ring hand. He’s only been wearing his wedding band for a few hours now, so he’s highly aware of it. 

But this is also John’s “intermittent tremor” hand. Click on that link and you’ll see just how often Martin incorporates this particular character tic into his performance. You see it when John is feeling vulnerable. And here, seated next to his new wife, near the end of Sherlock’s speech, John seems to be really feeling it. So much so that it’s not an unconscious twitch, but something he’s so aware of, he’s trying to massage it out.


This directly follows Sherlock dropping his champagne glass, so it’s hard not to get sucked into his POV, particularly since he spends an extended period of time in his MP. But for everyone else, this all passes by in a few seconds. Let’s back up and take a look at what’s going on from John’s POV.

"Today begin the adventures of Mary Elizabeth Watson and John Hamish Watson."


Does anyone see joy or excitement there? I see a man bracing himself, eyes full of uncertainty. And let’s not forget his discomfort with his middle name (just one of a few secrets John would prefer to stay secret, sexy. *wink*).

"The two reasons why every one of us is…here today." 

*glass breaks*

(Can’t overlook the symbolism here – raising a glass to toast a marriage only to have the glass shatter. Slipping this into my increasingly large “proof the Watsons are doomed” file.)

Sherlock is visibly flustered as he accepts a new glass and tries to get back on track while Mycroft is still in his mind, telling him something is going to happen. Here’s the next time we see John, who (like everyone else in the room) is wondering what the hell is going on with Sherlock right now.


Hang on, look closer…


Either John’s playing table spider, or the tremor’s already bothering him. So in the last 10ish seconds, Sherlock has announced Mr. and Mrs. Watson for the first time, John visibly displayed signs of uncertainty and fear, Sherlock became so unhinged he dropped his champagne glass, and now John’s so-called “post traumatic stress” tremor is back.

(Is anyone really still on Team Platonic? I just…anyway.)

Remember, no one in the room knows that Sherlock is trying to figure out the Mayfly Man mystery right now, including John. To them, Sherlock’s just acting kinda batshit. Well, more so than usual. Next, he tells the room he’s just asked to stand, to sit back down.

"And down again…"


This is beautiful. Mary and Janine both stare out at the crowd with similar WTF expressions, and Janine hesitates before starting to sit.

John literally bows his head with Sherlock’s hands like a goddamn puppet. Doesn’t matter what the reason, doesn’t matter how bizarre the order, John just does what Sherlock says. For fuck’s sake, John wasn’t even standing to begin with, and he still “obeyed,” bowing his head and lowering his eyes as if in prayer.

"Ladies and gentlemen, people tell you not to milk a good speech."


Can’t see John’s hand…but Sherlock clenches his.

"Get off early, leave ‘em laughing…"


John glances at Mary, insert joke about getting off here, still can’t see John’s hand but it must be bothering him because—-

"Wise advice I’ll certainly try to bear in mind, but for now…Part Two!"


—-he starts to massage the tremor out.

"Part Two’s a bit more action-based. I’m gonna walk around, shake things up a bit."

Part two. The next chapter. A bigger adventure, a new, unbroken glass, massaging the tremor out, facing fears and uncertainties, shaking things up – that’s where we’re heading now.

Could be all over-analyzation, all coincidence. But we all know what Mycroft would say to that. ;)

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imagine sherlock being scared of spiders

"john. there’s a spider in the bathroom."


"i need a shower."


"you… you have to get rid of it."


"you just have to."

"sherlock. don’t tell me you’re frightened of sp-"

"JUST do it. please."

and john flushes the spider but comes out with a closed fist held in front of him and chases sherlock a bit and then throws his empty fist at sherlock and he jumps and screams and cowers and john laughs so hard he nearly wets himself

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you know what i noticed?

sherlock is *less* rude to his father than he is to his mother.

when mummy displayed the slightest bit of affection for sherlock (in the form of a caress to the cheek) he immediately sought to remove himself from the interaction, as opposed to when his father displayed affection through his concern for Sherlock’s friends, sherlock simply acknowledges daddy’s sentiment without so much as a second thought.

this observation leads me to believe that sherlock may have spent more time around his father as opposed to his mother, alluding to how he ought to interact with the world given that his father seems to lack social skills as well.

just a thought

it could also lend to the fact that, when his mother was giving affection, it was to him, both times that we see her do it — the one time at 221B and the second time when she threatens to become “absolutely monstrous” towards whomever shot him. But when it’s Sherlock’s father, he’s giving concern to Sherlock’s friends, to John and to Mary, to people that he connects with and relates to. He cares about them, and so anyone who reflects that care towards them, he will accept the sentiment because he feels it too

Now I’m just imagining the Holmeses as young parents:

Mummy - genius, but not very good with kids, so she reads tons of parenting books because she really wants to do a good job (no matter how often Daddy Holmes tells her she’ll do just fine), and the books say that if a child isn’t shown affection by their mother, it gives them all sort of complexes, so she makes a deliberate effort to be affectionate to her children every day…even though she’s a bit rubbish at it, she keeps trying because she believes it’s important.

Whereas, Daddy Holmes simply notices that Sherlock doesn’t like physical affection (witness his cringe when Angelo grabs and hugs him in the restaurant), so he shows his love by verbal compliments instead. (“Well done, Sherlock.” “How extraordinary. Did you do that all by yourself?”)

What I think is even more interesting is how this plays itself out when Sherlock grows up. I reckon Sherlock is much more like his mum temperamentally, which we can see in his awkwardness when Archie and Anderson hug him: “OMG physical contact is expected of me in this situation I have to do something there I patted them that counts right?”

Whereas John, upon hearing Sherlock’s deducing skills for the very first time, responds with a verbal compliment, exactly like Daddy Holmes: “that’s extraordinary.” And Sherlock lights up like a candle.

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If there’s one thing they’re good at, it’s saying goodbye to one another.

Drew this in answer to the post about them holding hands during the cell scene. Needless to say, I’m pretty sure they did too.

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sherlock laying on the couch naked waiting for john to come back from the clinic like


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Happy (very late) Beefday, beeb Falka. <3 Here’s your problematic gay rudby/ballet babies <3

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seems legit

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The Manipulation by Mary Morstan.


It struck me that from the beginning there was something fishy about Mary.


Mary pretends not to recognise Sherlock. Even if we look at Mary here without knowledge of her past as revealed later in HLV, Mary is not believable. Let’s say she is an ex assassin, running from that life, assuming a new identity as a nurse and just happens to fall for one of the doctors in the practice. She supports her new boyfriend through his grief from losing his best friend, even pays respect at said dead friends grave. Who amongst us would NOT have googled Sherlock Holmes? It’s what we do when we enter a new relationship, we have a need to know about that person. Especially an issue which is badly affecting our new partner. Plus we have the fact that dead best friend was famous. OK, wow, photos and news reports are available. It’s not like Sherlock is any run of the mill looking dude here; he is damn unique, you wouldn’t forget that face in a hurry. Plus there is innuendo concerning your new boyfriend and his dead best friend; hints of a gay romance, enough to put any new girlfriend’s gaydar into operation. Yet when dead best friend arrives as a waiter at your table one evening, and your boyfriend is having an emotional crisis on the other side of that table, you look at the waiter and don’t know who this is? We know Mary is a smart cookie, observant, and yet she struggles to recognise the man before her? Fishy.


Then Mary suprizingly takes Sherlock’s side in the ensueing fight between Sherlock and John. She is not outraged that her boyfriend has been duped, hurt, manipulated, oh no, Mary begins to support Sherlock. By the time we reach the kebab shop we have John feeling alone, with Mary and Sherlock in some weird union of sorts.


Mary is acting as if John is behaving outrageously, she is giving Sherlock signals that she is agreeing with him, lulling him into a sense of simpatico. 

Outside the kebab shop Mary choses to remain with Sherlock while John goes to flag a cab. She offers Sherlock help in bringing John around and back to Sherlock. She KNOWS exactly how to work Sherlock.


And how to work John.


The next we see is Mary teasing John about meeting Sherlock again, in a way that is filled with some vague sexual tease. Mary sounds like she is talking to a girl friend here about seeing a guy that the friend is interested in. It is almost as if Mary is using the sexual tension John feels for Sherlock to move him as a chess piece on the board. Move him into position. 


Mary easily outwits both these men and by the time we see her ensconced in 221B, she has won. She has both men exactly where she needs them to be, in fact Mary is relishing her role, flaunting her power of observation and manipulation. The scene is demeaning towards the men and disturbing in it’s blatant power dynamic; a third party has moved in to the world of Sherlock and John and utterly destroyed the very heart of who they are. No wonder we get the image of a ‘horned devil’ at scene end.


Finally the coup de grâce, the wedding. Mary keeps on twisting that knife into Sherlock’s heart, and is openly gleeful about the effect she is having on him. Sherlock tries to strike back, his best man’s speech is a triumph of a love letter to John, he undergoes a life changing self revelation in the midst of it, he summons John back to him in several ways, he almost pulls off a ‘hail Mary pass’. But then Mary brings out the big guns, her secret plan for a wedding gift to Sherlock; she allows Sherlock to deduce her pregnancy. Check mate. 

Looking at Mary from a non-Johnlock perspective, I can admire her skill and planning, what I cannot see is a woman in love. It is only in HLV when her need for John surfaces that I finally see true emotion in the character. Her desperation to keep John and her fake life is Mary’s defining emotion, and it is selfish, reckless and rings very true. It is the only real emotion I believe we see from Mary in S3. Everything else reads as manipulation toward a goal, as CAM says she is a very clever, very bad girl. I can admire that from a distance. As a Johnlocker I just need John to start fighting, not Sherlock, John. Because by the end of HLV John knows he’s been played, John knows he made the wrong choice, John needs to sort this.   


sherlock telling john he needs to pretend to be his boyfriend “for a case.” sherlock holding johns hand and saying, “for the case.” sherlock grabbing john and kissing him and then saying breathlessly, “for the case.” john thrusting into sherlock on their hotel bed, both of them filling the room with gasps and pants and john whispering, “for the case.”

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I like this picture because it’s like Sherlock’s in the rush of a case, and then he suddenly looks at you. He looks and stops, and sees something so amazing he has to keep looking until he finds out what it is that makes you so difficult to understand.


Stag Night - I don’t mind

Well here it is, my first nsfw Johnlock doll adventure. Click on the images to get a full look. You know how it works. This took me quite a bit of time so I hope you like it >:D 


The pictures from my Johnlock Coloured Smut Sketch Series thus far.
More of my johnlock
It has become quite the collection, I had really not predicted that when I started on the first one.

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#FUCK #nsfw